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updated  October 5, 2017


Welcome!  Let us introduce you to our beloved Nigerian and Nubian dairy goats. We will try to answer your questions on our management, breeding philosophy and give purchase information within this site.  

Saada Dairy Goats, LLC is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian herd which was established 30 years ago, first with Nubians and then, nine years ago the Niggies arrived.  We strive to breed for a total dairy goat - animals exhibiting correct physical structure, with tremendous style, grace, and breed character; as well as above-average milk yield with a level lactation curve, and high percentages of fat and protein. We also emphasize a calm temperament and healthy longevity.  We haven't produced any perfect goats, but we'll continue to try and breed for them. Over the years we have bred many GCH and SGCH does, and we believe there are more champions in the wings.

We drastically downsized the Nubian herd in 2017 and have expanded the Nigerians somewhat, as we are making some shifts in ours lives. We were so grateful to the KECMR and Karen Blackstone herds for providing a wonderful homes for the does and bucks we parted with.  It was so much easier knowing the were so well provided for.  Likewise we were thrilled to add two very nice Nigerians: a GCH Twin Creek doe, purchsed from the Lil Miss B Haven herd; and a promising buckling of Castle Rock parentage from the Harley Hillside Nigerians.

We were on DHIA milk testing from 1990 until 2015 (will start again in 2018) and have had a number of does with records in the neighborhood of 3,000 lbs. or more - including two the last year we were on test. Also dating from 1990, Linear Appraisal and it's predecessor  have been used continually - usually every year that it is available to us.  Shows are attended in three or four  surrounding states, as well as the ADGA Nationals many years, enabling us to compete against a variety of herds and bloodlines.  We have been accepted into the Spotlight Sale with our Nubians each of the four times we have nomiinated animals,  only once not having the top selling Nubian.

We are so thankful for the successes of recent years.  We were honored to have been the 2009 National Show Premier Nubian Breeder and Exhibitor in Sacramento, California.   Saada has been honored to win numerous All American milker or Res All American classes over thce years.  

We had a lot of success at our 2016 show competition and loved seeing long-time and new friends. The girls won 6 GCH, 5 Res. CH and 3 Best in Show, under four judges - our smallest number show season ever. But it was a lot of fun. We also had our linear appraisal session and added three 3 more Excellent scores, including our first home-bred Nigerian Dwarf EX90-EEEE on Iris, our two-year-old.  We were not able to be scheduled for LA in 2017.  And, due to the stress moving does to new homes, didn't show Nubians at all, and only show some of the Nigerians at Montana State Fair. 

Herd health is very important to us. We feed the highest quality alfalfa and mixed grass hays available. rolled oats and sunflower seeds, loose minerals for goats, kelp, yeast and baking soda. Kids are raised on a CAEV prevention program. Our entire herd is G6S normal - either on test or on pedigree. All animals we have tested here have been normals. Births are attended and kids are raised separately from adults, prior to being picked up or shipped. Does and retained kid are tested annually for CAE. We have been CAE free for many years.  We have never had other chronic or contagious health problems or diseases. 

Phone calls, e-mails or correspondence are always welcomed from those wishing more information, extended pedigrees, LA, or milk records on specific animals. Thanks for your interest in Saada Dairy Goats LLC. Let us know if you have questions or comments. Phone: 307-587-9198 ; email:


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