GCH Saada X-quisite Grace
Sire: Saada Ishmael (Dam Saada Lady Bathsheba LA 1-03 VG87 )
Dam: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M ( GCH, LA 3-05 E91 7*M)
DOB: 5-12-11;
LA 2-09 E90(EEEE)

white with light brown spots 

G6S Normal on test

Our Gracie is a lovely doe.  She has a lovely flat wide rump and front-end blending, coupled with flat bone, very tight construction and open rear.  We like her breed character and powerful, "square" build and very lovely udder. We also love her long, level and very productive lactations.

As a two-year-old, she was twice GCH, 1 time BOB, and 1 time BDIS, as well as placing third at National (as a FF). She was twice first, twice Grand Champion, one BDIS and once BUIS - finishing her permanent championship in 2014.

 Other photos of Gracie (including a rear udder photo) can be viewed by "clicking" on her photo.  She is a fourth-generation Saada  Grand Champion.  

Grace freshened in 2016 looking better than ever, but an e-coli mastitis crashed our show plans for her.  We were so pleased when she freshened this year with a sound, even udder.  And even more that she produced twin doelings, one of which (Hope) we retained. 


Price: Kids $1,200.00   - SOLD

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Saada Golden Goose (two legs earned in milk)
Sire: *B Saada Hellatious Bakwy-Bird (Dam SG Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M SG LA 6-00 E91 6*M)
Dam: GCH Saada El-Farajah ( GCH, LA 3-03 E90 )
DOB: 5-11-11;
LA 4-03 E91(EEEE)

golden blond; frosted ears and nose

G6S Normal on pedigree 

This "Goose girl" is very solid with the deep heart and long bones that we associate with her sire's offspring. Her udder has a long smooth fore udder and strongly attched rear, with heighth and width. To see her rear udder, "click" on her photo.

In 2014 she has earned her first two two milking legs at the Montana State Fair. At her show shows 2015 year, she was once first place, and three times second place to Zooey. She was also a member of our Best in Show dairy herd and was Best Udder in Show at the Montana State Fair Show in 2015.

We are sad to relate that we will probably never get a chance at a third leg on Goose.  In early April of 2016 she developed a gangenous form of mastitis, resulting in significant damage.  We are so blessed to still have her after this illness and know her genetic worth is unaffected by her being denied a show career. 


Price: Kids $900.00   - SOLD

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Saada Revealed Blue Beary
Sire: *B Saada Casimir MacCleary (Dam SGCH Saada El-Pekah 4*M SGCH LA 4-05 E92 4*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Bearly Zimri *M (deceased) ( GCH, LA 6-07 E92 *M)
DOB: 3-20-13;
LA 3-05 E90(EEVE)

 Blue roan with frosted ears and nose

G6S Normal on pedigree

Our Blue Beary is a beauty.  She has wonderful dairy skin and bone and has lovely femininty as well as a correct mammary system.  Add to this all of her grace and elegance on the move.

In four years of showing she has without exception headed her age class and has been Res. Ch a couple of times as well, dispite being uneven for the past couple of years. She was also named as an All American by INBA for 2015.

Blue Beary's dam, Zimri, was one of our most successful Nation Show does (1st, 2nd and 3rd places).


Price: Kids $800.00   - SOLD

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Saada Catina Zapata
Sire: *B Saada Elias Revelation (Dam SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M SG LA 3-02 E92 3*M)
Dam: Saada Vintage Pinot Noir ( LA 1-07 VG87 )
DOB: 3-12-14;
LA 2-05 VG88(VEEV)

Black with light gray spots

 Catina is dairy and elegant, like most of her family.  They can be slower to mature, but always worth the wait.  We love her dam's udder and think this daughter has followed suit. 

This year Catina is coming into her own having grown a lot and with much greater udder capacity. Her rear udder is especially nice (click on photo or "see more" for a view of it.  She was second to a herdmate both times shown and once Res. Champion in 2016.

Her 2016 daughter, Punto, freshened with a lovely udder this year and last year as a kid was Junior Grand Champion and best Junior Best In Show her first outing. 


Price: Kids $700.00

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Saada Bonny Jo
Sire: ++*B Cook's Rancho Chactaw Chief
Dam: CH Saada Xtra Adora Belle ( GCH, LA 2-06 E90 )
DOB: 3-1-16;

light brown roan


We had wanted a daughter from Belle and are so pleased with this one from an A.I. breeding to a favorite buck from our past (check our Reference Page for some of his other offspring most of which were GCH, 3,000 lb milkers). She is very feminine and dairy without sacrificing strength.  We love her blending and long bone pattern as well.  It is going to be hard to wait to see the udder.

In 2016 she has been shown twice and has been Res. Grand both times to herd mates. 

Price: Kids $700.00

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