SGCH Saada Bearly Lavender 4*M (deceased)
Sire: +*B Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzley
Dam: SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M ( SG, LA 3-02 E92 3*M)
DOB: 5-16-06;
LA 5-02 E92(EEEE)
Milk Rating: 4*M

Dark blue roan with grey spots and frosted ears and nose

tested G6S Normal 

 Lavender earned her first milking leg in 2007 as a yearling! As a second freshener she was scored EX90 with an "E" udder! Since then her score has been elevated to EX92 and she has placed in the top five of three National Shows.

Her rear udder is tremendously wide, with a correct medial and lovely teat size, shape and nice placement, as well. Her foreudder is so tight and blended that people often don't give her credit for how long it actually is, and it never "shelves" even slightly.  Her back is very level and strong and she has great depth of heart and spring of rib. She is a reliable and steady milker, dispite our show travel. 

Never yet out of the top 5 at National Shows attended, she has been 3rd, 2nd and 5th.  In 2010, 2012 and 2013 she was named an INBA's All American of her age group for the previous show year. She remained an incredibly sound and correct doe - until near the end of her life.

Lavender produced lovely quads for us this year (we retained a buck and a doe), but had a miserable last month due to the extreme extra weight she carried with the kids and an udder that developed much earlier than usual, than kept her on her feet most of the time as she couldn't breath well or be comfortable lying down. The result was her condition broke down her hips and rear legs.  She never really recovered, and and we were forced to put her down, after several months of trying to help her. 

Price: Kids $1,800.00   - SOLD

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GCH Saada Bearly Zimri *M (deceased)
Sire: +*B Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzley
Dam: SG Saada Irkab Alhowa (full sister to Shiraz and Kaziah) ( SG, )
DOB: 2-18-07;
LA 6-07 E92(VEEE)
Milk Rating: *M

Golden brown with black trim, frosted ears and nose and white poll. test

 tested G6S Normal

  Zimri is a smooth, balanced doe, who is powerful without losing either dairy character or femininity. She is also blessed with a very pretty and correct udder, that has wonderful balance and texture and correct teat size, shape and placement.  

She has been in the top five at each National Show she has attended, as a milker beginning with 2nd/2nd udder as a yearling and 1st/1st udder as a two-year-old and 3rd/3rd udder at the 2012 National, and in 2013 5th. In 2010 and 2012 INBA named her All American. She has scored EX91 during our 2010 and 2011 LA sessions. And now we have two lovely daughters,  both of which also have added a daughter in the herd - a strong da line indeed.

In 2013 and 2014 she was BOB and BDIS a under the judges she showed under and and picked up a BUIS as well as another All American.  When she died the spring of 2016 of a metabolic problem, we felt it was the end of an era, though she has left us with so much in terms of memories and genetics.  We think she was a pretty special little brown doe! 


Price: Kids $1,500.00   - SOLD

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Saada Warrior Princess Xena 8*M (1 leg)
Sire: *B Saada Jalal Hilkiah (Dam SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla 6*M SGCH LA 5-04 E93 6*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M ( GCH, LA 3-05 E91 7*M)
DOB: 2-26-09;
LA 2-05 E90(VEEE)
Milk Rating: 8*M


tested G6S Normal  

This is a very big girl with lots of dairy bone, a strong back and a very level rump (both side to side and front to back). Because of her rapid growth, she got awkward at times, but always puts it back together better than ever. Her second-freshing udder was lovely - high and wide in the rear, a very strong medial and oh-so-correct teats, and a smooth tight fore.  For a rear udder view, click on her photo.  

Xena was once Res. ResGCH to one of her recently finished herdmates,in  2011 giving her a first "leg". We were pleased with her LA score of EX90-VEEE, as a two year old, as well. She was named 2012 INBA Res. All American.

 Following an mechanical abortion in 2013, we have not been able to get a completed pregnancy, though she does settle.  We think the problem has been the extra weight she gained.  As she came into milk in 2016, we started milking her regularly.  We did show her several times and she was three times first and once second, even though her capacity isn't what is would be if she freshened normally.

(Crossing our fingers!!) for 2017 kids we selected Nox as sire.


Price: Kids $850.00   - SOLD

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SGCH Saada Lady Jamissah
Sire: *B Saada Jalal Hilkiah (Dam SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla 6*M SGCH LA 5-04 E93 6*M)
Dam: SGCH Saada Lady Jazeez 7*M ( SGCH, LA 2-03 E91 7*M)
DOB: 3-5-10;
LA 5-00 E90(EEEE)

red/brown; white splash on side and a few white spots

G6S Normal on pedigree  

Jamissah is a long tall, elegant six-year-old.  She is linebred on Jamilla (SGCH, EX93), as her dam and sire are Jamilla offspring.  We love the Jazeez daughters.  Jamissah's maternal sister, Vintage Sirrah, was a GCH, EX92 with a GCH EX92 daughter!  

Like her dam, Jamissah is sharp and dairy and has wonderful feet, legs and a lovely head. She has a pretty and correct udder, that is strongly supported and has lovely teat size, shape and placement, which was reflected in her "E" LA mammary score and Superior Genetics designation by the age 2. 

 Jamissah has been twice named INBA All-American.  To see her rear udder and additional photos, "click" on her photo or the "read more" icon.  At her 2013 shows she was 4 times first, twice GCH and once BOB.  She finished her GCH and BOB under the first judge for 2014 (and repeated in the next ring as well).  She was shown only once in 2015 and was BOB and BDIS. She was dry in 2016.

We chose  Patrick to sire her 2017 kids.. 

Price: Kids $1,200.00

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Saada Bacardi "O"
Sire: *B Saada Hellatious Bakwy-Bird (Dam SG Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M SG LA 6-00 E91 6*M)
Dam: SGCH Saada Vintage Sirrah 8*M ( SGCH, LA 2-05 E91 8*M)
DOB: 3-16-11;
LA 2-03 VG87()

black with white spots

G6S Normal on pedigree

Bacardi the result of a repeat breeding which produced GCH Saada Sparkling Zinfindel (National 1st/1st udder yearling 2009, 3rd/2nd Udder Four Year old 2012 National, 2013 All American). She is dairy, long and tall, with nice breed type (by "clicking" on the photo you will see a better view of her head).  When we brought her back into the herd shortly after kidding, she was seriously ill, and has since made a full recovery, though she was damaged because of her experience. And that has seriously hindered her show career. 

 Her gentic worth, however is demonstrated with her first Saada-bred daughter freshened in 2016 and looks very promising.  We hope to see more of her offspring in the future. 

Price: Kids $650.00   - SOLD

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GCH Saada Bearly Zooey
Sire: *B Saada Jalal Hilkiah (Dam SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla 6*M SGCH LA 5-04 E93 6*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Bearly Zimri *M (deceased) ( GCH, LA 6-07 E92 *M)
DOB: 3-18-11;
LA 5-00 E91(EEEE)

light brown roan; dark brown trim

G6S Normal on pedigree

Zooey is long and tall and stylish, sports a very nice udder, that has gotten even better as a fifth freshener.  Her breed character is lovely and her dairiness evident in her luscious skin and flat bone.  She is also proving to be a phenomenal brood doe, with two young daughters (  a yearling milker, with a jr. leg and a finished GCH two-year-old) in the herd. Both are outstanding.

In April of 2013 she INBA named her as All American for 2012 and again for 2015. At her first show in 2015 was once first, GCH, BOB  and Best in Show,  and once second to a herdmate. At her next show she finished her GCH. She was EX90 at her LA session. This year, 2016 she was shown twice in Champion Challenge at Montana State Fair, where her daughter, Adora Belle, beat her and went on to be BDIS, under the first judge.  In the next ring Zooey was named Best of Breed.  

We have selected Patrick to sire her 2017 kids.


Price: Kids $1,000.00

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GCH Saada X-quisite Grace
Sire: Saada Ishmael (Dam Saada Lady Bathsheba LA 1-03 VG87 )
Dam: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M ( GCH, LA 3-05 E91 7*M)
DOB: 5-12-11;
LA 2-09 E90(EEEE)

white with light brown spots 

G6S Normal on test

Our Gracie is a lovely doe.  She has a lovely flat wide rump and front-end blending, coupled with flat bone, very tight construction and open rear.  We like her breed character and powerful, "square" build and very lovely udder. We also love her long, level and very productive lactations.

As a two-year-old, she was twice GCH, 1 time BOB, and 1 time BDIS, as well as placing third at National (as a FF). She was twice first, twice Grand Champion, one BDIS and once BUIS - finishing her permanent championship in 2014.

 Other photos of Gracie (including a rear udder photo) can be viewed by "clicking" on her photo.  She is a fourth-generation Saada  Grand Champion.  

Grace freshened in 2016 looking better than ever, but an e-coli mastitis crashed our show plans for her this year.  We hope that her udder will be back next year, but only time will tell.  At this point we are just greatful that we still have her.

Her 2017 kids will be sired by Patrick. 

Price: Kids $1,200.00   - SOLD

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Saada Golden Goose (two legs earned in milk)
Sire: *B Saada Hellatious Bakwy-Bird (Dam SG Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M SG LA 6-00 E91 6*M)
Dam: GCH Saada El-Farajah ( GCH, LA 3-03 E90 )
DOB: 5-11-11;
LA 4-03 E91(EEEE)

golden blond; frosted ears and nose

G6S Normal on pedigree 

This "Goose girl" is very solid with the deep heart and long bones that we associate with her sire's offspring. Her udder has a long smooth fore udder and strongly attched rear, with heighth and width. To see her rear udder, "click" on her photo.

In 2014 she has earned her first two two milking legs at the Montana State Fair. At her show shows 2015 year, she was once first place, and three times second place to Zooey. She was also a member of our Best in Show dairy herd and was Best Udder in Show at the Montana State Fair Show in 2015.

We are sad to relate that we will probably never get a chance at a third leg on Goose.  In early April she developed a gangenous form of mastitis, resulting in significant damage.  We are so blessed to still have her after this illness and know her genetic worth is unaffected by her being denied a show career. We have a confirmed pregnancy following a breeding to Patrick for 2017 kids.


Price: Kids $900.00   - SOLD

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Saada Vintage Pinot Noir
Sire: Saada B.B. King Koal (Dam GCH Saada El-Farajah GCH LA 3-03 E90 )
Dam: SGCH Saada Vintage Sirrah 8*M ( SGCH, LA 2-05 E91 8*M)
DOB: 2-17-13;
LA 1-07 VG87(VVAV)

Black with white spots; frosted ears and nose

Young Stock LA: V+(V+,V+,+)

G6S Normal on Pedigree

Pinot is another strong "Vinny" daughter.  She so very long, tall and sharp - and on the slow maturing side, very much like her on the slow maturing side, very much like her dam.  But what a knockout udder she has ( click on her photo to see a picture of her rear udder). We're confident that she will be well worth the wait.  She has a 3/4 sister, Sparkle, who is a GCH, EX-92 doe who has been 1st, 3rd and 4th at Nationals with 1st and 2nd udder.

Pinot  has been shown under two judges in 2015  and has been second twice to a herdmate. Her daughter, Catina is very pretty, with an udder to match.  

  For 2017 Pinot has been confirmed as bred to Nox.

Price: Kids $600.00

Related Goats:     maternal sister: GCH Saada Sparkling Zinfindel, dam's maternal sister: SGCH Saada Lady Jamissah

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Saada Revealed Blue Beary
Sire: *B Saada Casimir MacCleary (Dam SGCH Saada El-Pekah 4*M SGCH LA 4-05 E92 4*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Bearly Zimri *M (deceased) ( GCH, LA 6-07 E92 *M)
DOB: 3-20-13;
LA 3-05 E90(EEVE)

 Blue roan with frosted ears and nose

G6S Normal on pedigree

Our Blue Beary is a beauty.  She has wonderful dairy skin and bone and has lovely femininty as well as a correct mammary system.  Add to this all of her grace and elegance on the move.

In four years of showing she has never not headed her age class and has been Res. Ch a couple of times as well, dispite being uneven for the past couple of years.  She was also named as an All American by INBA for last year.

Blue Beary's dam, Zimri, was one of our most successful Nation Show does (1st, 2nd and 3rd places). We have planned a breeding to Togwattee for Blue.


Price: Kids $800.00   - SOLD

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CH Saada Xtra Adora Belle
Sire: *B Saada El X-travaganza (Dam GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M GCH LA 3-05 E91 7*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Bearly Zooey ( LA 5-00 E91 )
DOB: 2-3-14;
LA 2-06 E90(VEEE)

Brown roan; darker brown trim; frosted ears and nose

 Belle is very pretty, from nose to tail and all parts in between. She is a great combination of strength, refinement and lovely balance of correct parts.  Her udder is as lovely as the rest of her and as correct.

She was shown only twice  as a kid, and was Res. CH and GCH.   At her four showngs in 2015 she was 4×1st. Now in 2016 she was Grand Ch;ampion under her first two judges, finishing her permanent Championship!!! (Click on photo for a rear view of Belle). She went on to be GCH at her other two showings at the Montana State Fair, once being named Best In Show. Pretty good for two-yr-old!

We kept her Baron son (Togwatee) as a junior herd sire last year and this year we kept a son and daughter (Patrick Joseph and Bonny Jo) from an A.I.breeding to ++*B Cook's Rancho Chactaw Chief.  The daughter has been twice Res. Champion two two different hermates.

We have confirmed via ultasound that Belle is bred to Leviathan.

Price: Kids $900.00

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Saada Catina Zapata
Sire: *B Saada Elias Revelation (Dam SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M SG LA 3-02 E92 3*M)
Dam: Saada Vintage Pinot Noir ( LA 1-07 VG87 )
DOB: 3-12-14;
LA 2-05 VG88(VEEV)

Black with light gray spots

 Catina is dairy and elegant, like most of her family.  They can be slower to mature, but always worth the wait.  We love her dam's udder and think this daughter has followed suit. 

This year Catina is coming into her own having grown a lot and with much greater udder capacity. Her rear udder is especially nice (click on photo or "see more" for a view of it.  She has been second to Bell both times shown this year and once Res. Champion.  We retained her 2016 daughter, Punto,   Who was Junior Grand Champion and best Junior Best In Show her first outing. 

For 2017 we plan to breed her to Patrick

Price: Kids $700.00

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Saada Bacardi Silver (one leg)
Sire: Saada Revealed Silvus Sterling (Dam LH Mountain Vista Kwanza (one leg) LA 2-05 VG89 )
Dam: Saada Bacardi "O" ( LA 2-03 VG87 )
DOB: 3-6-15;
LA 1-06 VG85(VEE+)

Black; white spots and splashes; silver ears and nose

 A lovely doe, wedgy and smooth, with good bone.  "Silly" is a promising yearling, with her elegance and long bone pattern. She was first, Grand Champion and Best in Show at Montana State Fair last year as a kid. This year she has placed 1st twice and Res CH once and twice second to a herd mate. She is a tall doe with a capacious udder and very nice breed type.  

We plan on a breeding to Leviathan for Silly.



Price: Kids $650.00

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Saada Huckle Beary (one leg)
Sire: *B Saada El Xotta Xan (Dam GCH Saada Sparkling Zinfindel GCH LA 5-04 E92 4*M)
Dam: Saada Revealed Blue Beary ( LA 3-05 E90 )
DOB: 3-9-15;

Black with white spots; silver ears and nose

Huck is a stylish girl, call with a good deal of femininity. She has lovely  skin and breed type. We especially like her clean bone, correct confirmation and blending.  Placing first under two judges as a kid, she was Reserve Champion under one and Grand  Champion / Best in Show under the other judge.   We have some friend in need some milk this year so we loaned them this sweet girl, so she wasn't shown.  

We plan on breeding Huck to Sterling for 2017 kids.

Price: Kids $500.00

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Saada Baroness Zacci (one leg)
Sire: *B Saada Country Baron (Dam SGCH Saada El-Pekah 4*M SGCH LA 4-05 E92 4*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Bearly Zooey ( LA 5-00 E91 )
DOB: 6-27-15;
LA 1-06 VG85(V+EV)

Reddish brown; black trim; frosted ears and nose

 Zacci is our  Zooey yearling daughter. We really hate this photo of her and have hopes to get a better later this summer. We love her older sister, Adora Belle, and are seeing similar promise, in her young sister. She has a strong back, a lot of strength and has such lusious skin.

Her udder is wide and well attached and her teats a nice size and shape. Last year she was first both times shown: Reserve grand once and Grand Champion/ Best in Show under the other. So far in 2016 she has place 1st twice and 2nd twice (always to a herd mate). Click on her photo to see her rear udder.  

We will be breeding her to Leviathan for 2017.

Price: Kids $500.00

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Saada Perrine Potier
Sire: *B Saada Hellatious Bakwy-Bird (Dam SG Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M SG LA 6-00 E91 6*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Bearly Zimri *M (deceased) ( GCH, LA 6-07 E92 *M)
DOB: 4-13-10;
LA 5-03 VG87(VVEV)


 Perrine officially rejoined Saada last spring.  She went to her first show with us since she was a kid and placed first and second. She also was appraised at V-87 VVEV, with V or E in every structural category.  She remains structurely sound with lovely breed type and lots of milk. 

Perrine (or "Calipso", as she is know here), also is a strong brood doe with a nice daughter in Indiana with two legs, and a 2nd place win at Nationals as a milking yearling while still with us.   

Calipso is dry in 2016.

Price: Kids $800.00

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