GCH Little Tots Estates Carix
DOB: 2-10-08;
LA 5-07 VG89()
Milk Rating: *M

Sire: SM3Pines PT Tsaber

Dam:Little Tot's Estate Passiflora

Light red roan 

Our barn name for Carix it "Carrot".  She has an especially nice udder and is very tall fronted.  We have neglected to get a great "clipped" photo of her and this one really is an injustice to her.  She continues to have great feet and legs and a strong back.  We have one daughter from her in the herd who is a strong milking, lovely second freshener.  We were a bit disappointed that she only received an 89 at LA last session, but hope to improve on that this year. 

Price: Kids $400.00

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GCH Little Tots Estate Celosia
DOB: 3-22-08;
LA 5-10 E90(EEEV)
Milk Rating: *M

sire: Little Tot's Estate Tsuga

dam: Little Tot's Estate Miscanthis

light red roan

 Celosia (or "Posey" as we call her) has been wonderful since we added her to the herd as a baby. She was our first Nigerian Dwarf  and was the first Nigerian Dwarf ever offered during the national show auction. We feel very fortunate to have her .  In 2014 were were thrilled to finish her permanent championship and to have her LAed at EX90!  

Posey is a heavy milking doe, with a great disposistion. We feel forturnate to have two lovely A.I. daughters from two top sires in the herd. 

Price: Kids $400.00

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Saada Li'l Lady Finally Iris
Sire: Phobia Farm HB Buck Finn
Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Celosia ( GCH, LA 5-10 E90 *M)
DOB: 3-1-14;
LA 2-05 E90(EEEE)

 Iris is a specializes in general apprearance, though her udder is also pretty nice, as well. Her dam is a heavy milking GCH and, in addition, she has many lovely animals on her sire's side.  

She was first three times last year and Res. CH twice. Duringher 2016 LA she received an EX90-EEEE at two years of age!  Click on her photo for additional photos of her and her udder.

This year we elected to retain both of her Freestyle daughters and look forward to seeing them fresh.

For 2018, she is being bred to "Bud" for early March kidding. 

Price: Kids $400.00

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Saada Lil' Lady Sweet Pea (dry leg)
Sire: Saada Sam Elliot
Dam: GCH Little Tots Estates Carix ( GCH, LA 5-07 VG89 *M)
DOB: 2-1-13;
LA 3-06 VG88(VVVE)

Bay red with black trim

This doe is very strong in General Appearance - she was BDIS at her first show as a kid!! In 2016 she freshened with more capacity as a second freshener and a really lovely wide foreudder.  This year she had a rough kidding and didn't seem to "bloom"  though nothing specific seemed wrong.

She has nice teat  size, shape and placement and width and fullness to the rear udder.  

She will be bred to Free Style for 2018. 

Price: Kids $350.00

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Saada Lill' Lady Bluefood Chanterelle
Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Celosia ( GCH, LA 5-10 E90 *M)
DOB: 2-19-16;

Sire: Twin Creeks RM Watermark 

Color: Dark Chocolate brown 

 We are so happy to add another "Posey" daughter and being from Watermark (whose dam has been a favorite of ours) makes it perfect.  She is very sharp and smooth fronted and has a strong back and nice legs. She was first, Grand Champion and Best Jr. Doe in Show at her first showing as a kid in 2016.

She freshened with a pretty udder in 2017, with well defined teats and strong medial.  A photo of her rear udder can be seen by clicking on her photo. We lost milk moving her from Charlotte to Laura this spring, so she wasn't carrying the amount of milk we would have liked.  But, all and all, we couldn't be more pleased.

Free Style will sire her 2018 kids.

Price: Kids $400.00

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Double Sundog PG Maizie
DOB: 2-17-13;

Sire: Double Sundog CY Petrogloyph

Dam: Double Sundog PV Miss Kitty

black and brown with white markings

     Maizie is just amazing.  A tall-fronted and dairy doe, she is also long bonded, strong topped, deep bodied and has correct feet and legs.  Her udder is well attached,  and nicely shaped.  While her teats are a bit short, they are shapely and very easily milked.  She has had a very level lactation of a nice volumn of milk.  She is also endowed with a charming and friendly personality.  We retained two Free Style Daughters in 2017 and are pleased with their correct structure and femininity.

"Bud" will sire her 2018 kids, which should be due in mid-March.


Price: Kids $400.00

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GCH TX Twincreeks P Ballerina 4*M
DOB: 3-12-13;
LA 3-02 VG89(VVEE)

Sire: TX Twincreeks MS Poseidon  

Dam: TX Twincreeks En Angelica


     "Rina" was our blessing to the Nigerian herd this year, arriving from the Lil Miss B Haven herd of our very dear friends, the Carter family.  She is an elegant, dairy little doe with so much style.  We admire her diariness and pretty general appearance.  Rina is an particularly hard-working and sweet-tempered girl and quickly fitted into our herd.  

She will be bred to "Bud" for March 2018 kids.  

Price: Kids $600.00

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Saada Lil Lady Za'atar
Dam: Saada Lil' Lady Sweet Pea (dry leg) ( LA 3-06 VG88 )
DOB: 4-16-16;

Sire: AGS Twin Creeks DJ Hornblower

dark blue roan with black trim

     Za'atar had a rough start last year, with a rear leg injury at birth that required a cast for her first two months.  But neither that nor anything else has held this cheerful femine little doe back.  

She is very dairy and sharp, with a strong back and nice feet and legs.  When she freshened this spring she displayed a high, wide rear, smooth fore and lots of milk.  We are very pleased, though we hope her teats will continue to become more plumb as it develops.  (Click on her photos to see udder photos). She was first in a large Montana State Fair yearling Nigerian class at her only show.

Za'atar will be mated to Free Style for mid-March 2018.


Price: Kids $300.00

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