GCH Little Tots Estates Carix (deceased)

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DOB: 2-10-08;
LA 5-07 VG89() Milk Rating: *M

Sire: SM3Pines PT Tsaber

Dam:Little Tot's Estate Passiflora

Light red roan 

Our barn name for Carix was "Carrot".  She had an especially nice udder and was very tall fronted.  We somehow neglected to get a great "clipped" photo of her and this one really is an injustice to her.  She continued to have great feet and legs and a strong back until we lost her this year at the age of 10.  

We have one daughter from her in the herd who is a strong milking, lovely second freshener. Carrot presented us with twin does, this spring.  Sadly, she was unaable to recover from this very difficult kidding.  We have every home that her daughters will allow her influence to continue into the future.

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