Saada Li'l Lady Finally Iris

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Sire: Phobia Farm HB Buck Finn
Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Celosia ( GCH, LA 5-10 E90 *M)
DOB: 3-1-14;
LA 2-05 E90(EEEE)

 Iris is a specializes in general apprearance, though her udder is also pretty nice, as well. Her dam is a heavy milking GCH and, in addition, she has many lovely animals on her sire's side.  

She was first three times last year and Res. CH twice. Duringher 2016 LA she received an EX90-EEEE at two years of age!  Click on her photo for additional photos of her and her udder.

This year we elected to retained one of her two year old Freestyle daughters, Wilder, who earned a Res. championship and Best udder of Breed at the 2018 Montana State Fair.

For 2019 she iwas bred to Free Stle March kidding.We have retained two more daughters. 

Price: Kids $400.00