Saada Li'l Lady Finally Iris

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Sire: Phobia Farm HB Buck Finn
Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Celosia ( GCH, LA 5-10 E90 *M)
DOB: 3-1-14;
LA 2-05 E90(EEEE)

 Iris is a specializes in general apprearance, though her udder is also nice.  Her dam is a GCH and she has many lovely animals on her sire's side as well.  She was first three times last year and Res. CH twice. We retained both a son and a daughter from her A.I. breeding to J Nels Chocolate Crinkle. During LA she received an EX90-EEEE at two years of age!

This year we elected to retain both of her Freestyle daughters.

Price: Kids $350.00