First Fresheners

Saada Lavender Lollipops
Sire: *B Saada El Xotta Xan (Dam GCH Saada Sparkling Zinfindel GCH LA 5-04 E92 4*M)
Dam: SGCH Saada Bearly Lavender 4*M (deceased) ( SGCH, LA 5-02 E92 4*M)
DOB: 4-9-16;

Black with white spots 

We can only hope that this young lady lives up to her very strong pedigree.  Her dam has been phenomenal her entire life, and then there is her sire's dam and granddams on all sides.  There are numerous SGCH and GCH animals, most of which have first or second National Show placings, All American wins and EX-91 and 92 LA scores.  She has some big hooves to fill.  We like her a lot though and are so grateful to have her join the herd. She has placed first three times and third once when shown.

A breeding to Patrick is planned for Lollipops.


Price: Kids $500.00

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Saada Bonny Jo
Sire: ++*B Cook's Rancho Chactaw Chief
Dam: CH Saada Xtra Adora Belle ( GCH, LA 2-06 E90 )
DOB: 3-1-16;

light brown roan


We had wanted a daughter from Belle and are so pleased with this one from an A.I. breeding to a favorite buck from our past (check our Reference Page for some of his other offspring most of which were GCH, 3,000 lb milkers). She is very feminine and dairy without sacrificing strength.  We love her blending and long bone pattern as well.  It is going to be hard to wait to see the udder.

In 2016 she has been shown twice and has been Res. Grand both times to herd mates. We have a breeding planned to Leviathan. 

Price: Kids $500.00

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Saada Silver Nox Tarantella
Sire: Saada Xtra Nox Lavazza (Dam Saada Gado Hilweh Qahwi LA 2-07 VG87 )
Dam: Saada Bacardi Silver (one leg) ( LA 1-06 VG85 )
DOB: 3-9-16;

black with silver spots, white markings


Tarantella is a hard doeling to miss, both on account of her ourgoing, boisterous personalilty and her unusual color patterns.  She is a lot of fun.  She thinks she is pretty special and, we tend to agree.  We like her very strong back, neatness of construction and correct legs. Her dam is a pretty first freshener with more than usual milk for a yearling, from a well-attached udder, and a large and pretty body, who has already been Res. Ch. as a yearling milker.  Tarantella earned her dry leg at her first show.

A breeding to Patrick is planned.


Price: Kids $650.00

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Saada In Punto
Sire: Saada Baron Togwatee (Dam CH Saada Xtra Adora Belle GCH LA 2-06 E90 )
Dam: Saada Catina Zapata ( LA 2-05 VG88 )
DOB: 3-1-16;

black with small white spot; white poll


Punto is our first daughter both from Togwatee and Katina  Her name is (a reference to the white dot on her side as well as her quality) is Italian for "on the dot".  We couldn't be more impressed.  This doeling is long and level and very stylish. She moves particularly well and seem to be very growthy as well. We are looking forward to seeing her fresh.

She as been show under one judge, placing 1st and and GCH.  A nice start to her show career.  

Patrick was selected to sire her first kids.


Price: Kids $500.00

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