Saada Lil Lady Marmalade

Sire: Lil Miss B Haven Freestyle
Dam: GCH Little Tots Estates Carix (deceased) ( GCH, LA 5-07 VG89 *M)
DOB: 4-1-18;

dark gold with white patches

     Marmalade is one of the final pair of doelings from "Carrot", one of our first two Nigerians, purchased as a companion for the Colorama doeling we purchased in 2008.  Marmalade is sharp and smooth blending, tall fronted and long bodied.  An attractive kid who moves very well.  We have been more than happy with the 3 milking daughters from her sire Free Style and hope for a similar quality from Marmalade.

We didn't show her or several of our younger kids, thinking at the time we were going to a final fair show with them, which didn't happen, unfortunately.

She will be bred to Bud for April kids. 

Price: Kids $250.00