GCH Little Tots Estate Celosia

DOB: 3-22-08;
LA 5-10 E90(EEEV) Milk Rating: *M

sire: Little Tot's Estate Tsuga

dam: Little Tot's Estate Miscanthis

light red roan

 Celosia (or "Posey" as we call her) has been wonderful since we added her to the herd as a baby. She was our first Nigerian Dwarf  and was the first Nigerian Dwarf ever offered during the national show auction. We feel very fortunate to have her .  In 2014 were were thrilled to finish her permanent championship and to have her LAed at EX90!  

Posey is a heavy milking doe, with a great disposistion. We feel forturnate to have two lovely A.I. daughters from two top sires in the herd. 

Price: Kids $400.00