SGCH Saada Belfrey's M'Lady Vampress

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Sire: +*B SG Goldthwaite My Liege Othello
Dam: Saada Bat's Bellfry ( )
DOB: 2-6-01;
LA 2-05 E91(EEEE) Milk Rating: *M

black with white poll and narrow strip on left side; frosted ears and nose

 Vampress was an incredible doe who we lost way too early.  She did everything well- milk over 17 lbs, finished her GCH as a two year old and have a sweet loving disposition to man and beast.  She was very large and very gentle.  Her offspring have had an affect on Saada through her sons Voldemort and Tree Beard and her daughter Entwife, all of whom have offspring in the herd.

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