++*B Cook's Rancho Chactaw Chief

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  Sire: GCH ++*B Cook's Rancho Mels LIttle Nick                             Dam: GCH Cook's Rancho Half Pint 5*M (FS-90/88-91-94-90)

Chactaw is another animal that was essential to the development of Saada.  We have owned several daughters (three of them GCH does) and one son, all bred by Desert Caper.  Each was an amazing animal - tall and long, the does, heavy milking and so tight and smooth.  

This year, with an A.I. breeding to Adora Belle, we have added another son and  daughter.

He has been in ADGA's top 90% for sires for many years, for his consistently wonderful offspring. His dam was a fine milking doe with one lactation over 3,000 lbs of milk with 4.7% butterfat.

 We used those animals on our Albedo and Magic Savoy lines to shape the style of Nubian we love best.  Pictured here is GCH Desert Caper Cactaw Christa and (is you click on the photo or "Read More" you can see three other of the Desert Caper-bred Chactaw daughters, we have had.

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