SGCH Saada Tumba Al Hattal

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Sire: Cream-Of-Kansas' BN Tumba
Dam: Saada Lady Eyesha ( )
DOB: 5-24-04;
LA 3-04 E92(EEEE) Milk Rating: *M

Black with silver spots.

     We were thrilled to finish Hattal last summer as a two-year-old, and to get the Excellent on her mammary during LA.  It was also nice to have her place 10th at the National Show, dispite being such a "pill" in the ring that day!  
     Hattal is a very smooth and blended doe with a strong back.  She is so dairy and sharp, and brings an oh-so-correct udder as well.  Because her mammary is so soft-textured, people are often surprised by how wide and high it is the first time they see her uddered.  
     She is bred to Shiraz.

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