SGCH Saada Lemon Albedo 5*M

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LA 7-00 E92(EEEE) Milk Rating: 5*M


What is there to say about Albedo. She was the answer to any Nubian breeders prayer - the most important doe we have bred. She was lovely (an EX92, SGCH) earning 5 Res. Ch, 2 Grand Ch and a Best In Show as a yearling and finished at her first two-year-old show. She milked 3,000 lbs and more during four DHIA lactations (peaking at over 19 obs. at their best). She gave us lovely offspring. But best of all there was her loving personality and gentle was, that she passed on to so many of her descendants. We continue to be grateful to have had her and all that she gave us during her 12 years. We wouldn't have been Saada without her.

Price: Kids $0.00

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