Irish-Cream Capricorn

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Sire: *B Saada Much Ado Karibou
Dam: Saada Laurie Jaydo, 2 legs ( )
LA 1-04 VG85()

 light brown roan with white spots

Capricorn made a huge contribution to Saada in her too-short life, as she died of a veterinarian-administered treatment at age two, shortly after kidding with triplets, all of which we used in the herd.  They were: her son +B Saada Captain Jamalla and daughters, GCH Saada Lady Jamilla and Saada Al-Dukka (dam to SGCH Saada Sharm-El-Shiek).  Capricorn carried the Irish-Cream herdname of Charlotte's daughter's 4-H herd, but both parents were Saada-bred. We showed her her yearling year as a milker under 4 judges she was twice 2nd to her paternal half sister Giggles O'Shay and twice 1st and once Res. Ch. The daughter she produced that year was sold, but also went on to produce GCH offspring for the Promise Landt herd. 

Capricorn was a long, tall doe with wonderful breed character and an udder that verged on perfection: long and smooth fore; tightly attached, high, wide and high in the rear; correct medial and lovely teat size, shape and placement.  A couple of other photos of her can be seen by clicking on the "Read More".



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