GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M

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Sire: Saada Shalome Al-Akkom (Dam SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla 6*M SGCH LA 5-04 E93 6*M)
Dam: GCH Saada Lemon Dimple-Doe ( GCH, 6*M)
DOB: 1-4-03;
LA 3-05 E91(EEEE) Milk Rating: 7*M

 Pale Blond.

  Xanado truly has one of the best Nubian udders we have ever seen. It is high, wide, so well-blended, with a strong medial and correct teat size, shape and placement. Her attachments are amazing and the foreudder stays smooth and tight no matter how much milk she carries. In addition she is long, tall and elegant with such a level rump.  Xanado has twice had 1st-place udder in class at National Shows, as well as placing 1st, 3rd and 4th (had singled and didn't have her usual udder capacity) in her age class.
She has produced a number of  nice offspring, including daughter two-year-old Xena (LA VG-88 as a yearling), and 2011 doeling Grace.  She is very easy-going and has a level lactation curve, which she seems to pass on to her offspring, as well being such a lovely doe. 


Price: Kids $1,800.00   - SOLD