SG Saada Absolutely Obsidian 8*M, 2 legs

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Sire: *B Saada Saadi-El Shiraz (Dam SGCH Saada Sharm-El-Shiek SGCH LA 2-05 E91 *M)
Dam: Saada Gilasin Babbett, 1 leg ( )
DOB: 2-6-06;
LA 3-06 E92(EEEE) Milk Rating: 8*M

Black with white on poll.

Obsidian earned her short leg at her first show as a kid. She freshened with an udder to match her lovely general appearance. She is very deep, wide and powerful, but with nice length and such style too. You may click on the" Read More" icon below to see her rear udder photo.

Obsidian was senior Res. Ch twice, as a yearling milker. As a two year old, she was 2008 Nat. Show 4th-place two year old. In 2009, she went to only one show, where she was ReCH to a herdmate and then GCH, BOB and BIS under the next judge! At that year's National Show, not liking Sacramento's heat, she didn't fill her udder, but still managed to place 8th. She has been named as the Res All American Three Year Old (hermate Lavender was the All American winner). Unfortunately we have to wait another year to try and finish her, as she reabsorbed her preganacy for 2010.  

For 2011, she was bred to Ishmael, and kidded February 25.  No reservations remain available for Obsidian.

Price: Kids $800.00   - SOLD