Saada Laurie Jaydo, 2 legs

Sire: Saada Magic Kandlairo (Destert Caper Magic Savoy X GSCH Saada Lemon Albedo, EX92)

Dam: Faith Farm JCG Joelle  (Meirel Hill Joe Carter X  GCH Faith Farm Galatia)

cinnamon brown with cream trim, spots and silver ears and nose

 Laurie was one of our most important brood does.  Her offspring included Lustra, Capricorn, Jojo Jaydo and Micha Jaydo.  She had a marvelous capacity to breed well to any buck we used and always produced better than herself, and she was pretty good. She had a very smooth and tight front end and a strong and level back that she generously seemed to always pass on to offspring.

Price: Kids $0.00

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