++*B Saada Magic Kandelairo

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Sire: +*B Desert Caper Magic Savoy
Dam: SGCH Saada Lemon Albedo 5*M ( SGCH, LA 7-00 E92 5*M)

 red/brown with black t rim

One of our favorite Kandlairo offspring were GCH Saada Darkling Pooka, EX91-EEEE (pictured here), she also had a 3,000 lb. lactation. Another important daughter was Saada Laurie Jaydo (two legs), dam to four daughters that we were in our herd, Capricorn, Lustra, Jojo Jaydo and Micah - all were outstanding does with great udders.  Some of them are pictured elsewhere here.  He was GCH Saada Dimple-Doe's littermate brother (Dimple was Xanado's dam).  He also produced GCH offspring for at least two other herds. If you click on the photo or "Read More" daughter Saada Lakota Souix can be seen

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