GCH Saada Sparkling Zinfindel

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Sire: *B Saada Hellatious Bakwy-Bird (Dam SG Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M SG LA 6-00 E91 6*M)
Dam: SGCH Saada Vintage Sirrah 8*M ( SGCH, LA 2-05 E91 8*M)
DOB: 4-8-08;
LA 5-04 E92(EEEE) Milk Rating: 4*M

Pale cream with tan spots

 G6S Normal on predigree

Sparkling Zinfindel's nickname is "Sparkle", and she is quite an eye-catcher, with her long-bodied elegance, lovely breed character and unusual coloring. She is more powerful than her dam at the same age, but has the same kind of smooth, stylish build. We have been pleased with her correct teat size and placement, as well as her wide and high rear udder and wide smooth fore.

She  was undefeated in her age classes prior to earning her GCH at age two, and has been 1st/2nd udder at the 2009 and 3rd/2nd at the 2012 National Shows.  At her final 2012 show she was BOB, BDIS and BUIS!  In April of 2013  she was named as an All American, by INBA. 


Price: Kids $1,200.00   - SOLD