An animal may be reserved  from us by sending a $100 deposit for each animal ordered, with the remainder of the purchase price due within two weeks after notification of a reserved kid's  birth, or (in the case of an adult doe or buck) within two weeks after the animal has been offered for sale and accepted by the buyer. Checks or money orders should be made out to Saada Dairy Goats LLC.  Animals should be shipped or picked up by six weeks of age to avoid the boarding fees that we will charge after that time.  We love having people come see us to fetch their animal, but are happy to air freight kids to buyers if that is preferred.

   We award reservations based on the order deposits are post dated.  If a reservation is changed to a different animal, previous reservations for that doe take priority. We recommend, but do not require, a first and second choice per deposit. First-choice reservations are given preference.  If we have extra kids born, they will be offered first to customers whose reservations could not be filled.

   Usually, we notify buyers when kids are born, but don't release the kid for purchase until we have determined it is of satisfactory quality and -in the case of first fresheners- that the dam's udder and milk volumn is satisfactory.  This may take a week or more.  

   Animals that remain unpaid for after four weeks (unless special arrangements have been agreed to by Saada) may be resold to another buyer and any monies paid forfeited. We are not financially responsible for the medical expenses of a purchased animal either before or after it leaves our care - though we make diligent efforts to maintain each animal's health.

   We do pay for health papers and ship from the Cody, WY and Billings, MT airports. Because we lost the best Delta connection flight into Cody in 2011 there will be an added fee of $20 for transport to the airport in case of shipments from Billings, .  Required or requested laboratory tests are the financial responsibility of the buyer, as are the transporting kennels and any vet care needed for animals not yet picked up or shipped.

   We reserve the right to select animals for our herd's needs.  We also require 10 straws of semen to be made available to us at the cost of collection from any buck that we sell, should we request them. 

   Buyers may, if a reserved animal is either not born or is retained by Saada, move the reservation to another animal or have it returned in full.  However, no refunds will be made if a reservation is cancelled by the buyer after it is made.